domingo, 14 de setembro de 2008

My friend

Can you tell your friend's heart is cold,
needing singing birds?
Can you see his soul's apart and sold,
holding hurting words?

Say your friend's down and low,
would you take him
or bring him
the floor you step and flow?

Say your friend's lost his glow,
who will join him,
refine him,
now you've set your way to go?

Will you get mad
if he calls you
and yells at you
and it is nothing in the end?
You see the time
he makes you spend,
yet you continue to pretend
to listen
and understand.

Can you tell your friend is lonely,
keeping silent pain?
Can you see him, one and only,
hiding violent rain?

thought you said you were my friend.

10 de Junho, 2008

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